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Captivate The Attention of Your Users With The Best User Experience

Do you want to provide your customers an unforgettable experience? Create a website. A website is a visual identity of your brand, a centerpiece of your marketing efforts. In today’s marketing landscape, a good website helps you gain a competitive advantage in the industry.


When an organization is in its development phase, people try to malign its reputation to get an edge over it. During such a phase, a website serves as an anchor for the business endeavors of the company. It provides an impersonal lens to the customers to accept or reject the maxim of the organization. A good website always escorts customers through the business in a way that they get to see what they want. Whether a website is about selling products or offering web design services, keeping up with the emerging trends and latest techniques is the motto of a good website. With its high-end usability, beautiful color schemes and easy navigation, it provides a positive user experience to the customers. If you want to make your website more useful and helpful to your customers, follow the tips given below:

Take a Consultative Approach

Giving your customers the right kind of information is a challenge. Many people overload their customers with a lot of technical knowledge which ultimately raise their hackles. Make sure you do not fall into any such practices and design your website in a way that it should include only the important information about your products. Many companies considered their experience of taking a consultative approach to sales process a successful one. They said that such an approach helped them revamp their sales funnel in a much better way. If you observe a web design company offering web design services, you will be surprised to see that they always suggest companies to make a website that offers the customers a piece of advice or suggestions instead of mere technical information.

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Focus on important elements

It is essential to create a website that has a right balance of navigation menus, page speed, content, images and white space. White space increases the readability of the content, provided it communicates valuable information to the user. A low page speed results in an abandonment rate of more than 80%. However, it is important to improve the loading time of your website. Images leave a lasting impression on the users so make sure you pick the right kind of images. A good content attracts the audience and makes a strong impact on them, make sure your content achieves that purpose. A perfect combination of basic and complementary colors increase the visibility of a brand, so don’t forget to gear your color scheme towards your target audience. A reputable web design company that aims to provide web design services always lay emphasis on these factors.

Use Captivating Calls to Action

An attractive call to action helps a customer navigated your website and access to whatever information they want. A user-centric call-to-action button, marked with a proper color scheme can evoke an excitement in the user, leading to an increase of up to 11% in clicks. Make sure you include a right kind of action word that immediately connects with your user, prompting him to take an action. Action-oriented, time-sensitive and bold words, such as ‘Sign Up Now’, ‘Read below’ or ‘Get Started’ always encourage the user to take a quick action.

Next time you think of improving the user experience of your website, apply these tips and wait for the results. I can assure you that the result will exceed your expectations.

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Ernesto S. Dillard is a freelance digital designer and web developer based in USA. He has worked internationally, in-house and remotely on many leading projects related to both design and development sector. Currently, he is associated with a  web design company known for offering great web design packages to the people across the world.

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